70 minutes without a heart beat

When Marcos Garcia's heart stopped beating it took 70 minutes of CPR by Marcos brave son Jonny and Wellington Free paramedics James and Jimmy to keep him alive. 

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"But he kept giving them signs of life. At one stage he grabbed one of the paramedics' hand and held on to it so tightly that he had to prise his fingers off,"

"After more than an hour of continuous CPR had failed to restart Marcos Garcia's heart, his wife was told to expect the worst.

But paramedics refused to give up hope and, using an unconventional technique, Marcos heart was miraculously prodded back into action."

Click here to read more about how Marcos son Jonny and paramedics Jimmy Crombie and James Casey administered CPR for over 70 minutes to keep Marcos alive.

Photograph credit: Ross Giblin - Stuff

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