Celebrating 90 years of our One-of-a-Kindness

Charles Norwood, the man who started it all

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Thanks for being the ones keeping us free.

In November 1927, the Mayor of the day Charles Norwood, came across an injured man on the footpath in Lambton Quay because he did not have the money to pay for a fare to the hospital.  The incident inspired Sir Charles to establish our uniquely free ambulance service. 

This year we celebrate 90 years of being the only free ambulance in New Zealand.  We’ve been thriving for 90 years because of the support we have from people like you, so we want it to be a celebration that everyone can get involved in.  There will be lots happening, and we want others to tell us their stories about some of the people, places and events that make this city and region one of the best in the world.

To see more about our 90th, the stories, and ways you can help visit our anniversary website.    

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