WFA Clinical Services Department

The Clinical Services department of Wellington Free Ambulance provides clinical guidance to our 160+ paramedics, and is an integral part of the clinical governance structure that stretches from operational paramedics to the WFA Board of Management.

The Audit and Clinical Effectiveness Group (ACE Group - a small group of operational paramedics) drives WFA's clinical focus and constantly reviews clinical guidelines and outcomes. By using international 'best practice' standards and ongoing research, we ensure that each patient is treated to the highest standard of clinical care available.

Clinical audit plays a significant role in improving and maintaining the standards within WFA. We pride ourselves on striving to be the best and measure our performance against ambulance services internationally through the use of Clinical Key Performance Indicators.

Wellington Free Ambulance was the first New Zealand ambulance service to introduce Clinical Practice Guidelines rather than protocols. This, in conjunction with the high levels of training, allows paramedics to apply clinical judgement when following best practice standards, rather than blindly following a scripted treatment process that may not be in the best interests of individual patients.

The ACE Group have produced a pocket version of the Clinical Practice Guidelines that is a quick and easy to read reference for operational paramedics. A comprehensive version of the guidelines provides the background information. A copy of these Guidelines is available below as a download.

Additionally, Clinical Services reviews complex cases for learning points, contributes to the In-service Training department's annual agenda and provides regular reports to the Board.