Flight paramedic Hannah celebrates new role this Mother's Day

If being a flight paramedic wasn’t tough enough, Hannah Latta is now raising her first child too.

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Add to the mix studying a Master of Health Science endorsed in Aviation Transport and Retrieval at the University of Otago and running a photography business on the side, and her schedule couldn’t be any busier!

But the key for Hannah is good organisation and a few helping hands.

Sam was born in October and, like many first-borns, has changed Hannah’s priorities. 

“Being a mother impacts every aspect of your life. It’s no longer about you and your goals. It’s about you and your family.

“Motherhood changes your perspective and makes you more compassionate for fellow mothers and their children. You develop a mutual understanding that can’t be replicated.”

As a Wellington Free Ambulance Flight Paramedic and crucial member of Life Flight’s Westpac Helicopter and Air Ambulance crew, Hannah helps provide intensive care and specialist medical rescue services to the greater Wellington and Wairarapa region.

It’s a skill that’s benefited her at home, too.

“Thanks to the medical skills and knowledge that come with being a flight paramedic, it has influenced my new role as a mother.

“But don’t get me wrong; I still panic over the little things, just as any new mother would.”

In amongst all the chaos, Hannah says it’s important not to lose yourself as a person. 

“I have my partner, Shane, and a wider support network who know the value of my work and support me whenever I need them. They’re pretty great.

“But I also think it’s important to take time out for yourself and continue to do the things that make you happy. My partner and I recently took Sam out on an overnight tramp, and he loved it!”

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