Freedom Medical Alarm

Do the things you've always done - with the security of a Freedom Medical Alarm
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It's your life. Feel free to live it.

"Knowing my alarm is directly monitored by the Wellington Free Ambulance makes me feel much safer and more confident when I'm in my home alone"

The Freedom Medical Alarm Service frees you up from all those niggling little worries - "What if I have a fall?" "What if no-one's there to help me?"

It is your safety net and puts you in control.

It's easy to use. Simply push a button on your pendent, which can be worn discreetly on your wrist or around your neck and you are connected to trained emergency dispatchers.

The Freedom Medical Alarm Service connects you directly to the Wellington Free Ambulance Emergency Communications Centre. Any time, any day, 365 days a year - guaranteed.

Your medical details will be kept confidentially on file - so we always have the information we need to look after you.

If you would like further information please visit the Freedom Medical Alarm website or contact the Freedom team:

Phone: 0800 380 280
Fax: 04 802 0949