National Volunteer Week - Hamish Emery

Hamish Emery is a second year Paramedicine student at Whitireia. He’s well versed in anatomy, pharmacology and clinical research and a year ago he joined the Wellington Free Ambulance team as a volunteer event medic to get some more hands on experience.

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"The feeling of helping someone in a time of need is what keeps me coming back for more”.

“I found that I was able to gain a bit more experience outside of the classroom in an environment where I could develop and consolidate my skills as well as become more independent as a clinician,” says Hamish.

Volunteering with the event medic team takes Hamish across the region most weekends to a number of community events. You’ll often find him close to home at events in Porirua as he gains a range of experience to help with his studies and future career goals. “Volunteering at events close to work, home and school certainly helps make a hectic life a tad bit easier” explains Hamish.

At times it’s difficult to juggle lectures, studying, work and volunteering. “I also have to try and fit my social life in there somewhere!”

But Hamish is as committed as they come and will often sign up for a volunteer shift when he has a rare day off, not only because he thrives on being busy but because he loves to help.  

“I find volunteering extremely rewarding. I feel like I’m doing my bit for the community and it’s important to give time to a worthy cause. The feeling of helping someone in a time of need is what keeps me coming back for more”.

Wellington Free has 80 qualified volunteers completing around 1000 hours per month. They offer medical cover at community events, volunteer on the frontline in the emergency ambulance service, act as community first responders in more rural areas and offer training with the Heartbeat programme. To volunteer with Wellington Free it takes extraordinary effort; commitment, tenacity and resilience. If you’re interested in joining Hamish and the volunteer team visit our volunteer page or email for more information.

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