National Volunteer Week - Sue Kaye

Volunteer Awareness Week is a chance for Wellington Free Ambulance to say thank you to their loyal volunteers, who give up their time to support their cause.

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“You may not have money, but by donating your time you’re part of a bigger picture, and you’ve done your bit to help".

One of those is Sue Kaye, or ‘Sue the baker’ as she is known throughout the Wellington Free community.

Sue is a volunteer fundraiser for Wellington Free, and co-ordinates other volunteers and fundraising events throughout the Kāpiti region. She also bakes tasty goodies and delivers them regularly to Kāpiti paramedics.

She first started baking for them in 2013 when undergoing chemotherapy.

“Wellington Free got me to hospital multiple times, so I wanted to show my appreciation somehow.

“I don’t have money, but I can bake. The paramedics particularly like the shortbread, and they even convinced me to put the recipe on their calendar!”

Once Sue completed chemotherapy, she grabbed a bucket and started volunteering through Wellington Free’s street appeals four years ago.

As the fundraising co-ordinator for the Kāpiti region, Sue has many fellow volunteers she can call

whenever she needs them.

“My two greatest collectors are volunteers aged 95 and 84. They help out for any collection and, to me, are the real volunteers.

“All I have to do is call them the fortnight before, and it’s not often they can’t help.”

According to Sue, her passion for volunteering comes down to her upbringing.

“I was always told to help those who can’t help themselves in any way I can, and this is something that has always stuck with me.”

Sue also volunteers for the Guide dog Red Puppy Appeal, the Blind Foundation, and the Wellington Hospital.

“It feels so good at the end of the day when you know you’ve helped a worthy cause.”

When asked why other people should volunteer, Sue says it’s simple.

“You may not have money, but by donating your time you’re part of a bigger picture, and you’ve done your bit to help.

“You might seem like a small cog, but that cog helps run a big wheel.”

 So, if anyone wants to volunteer, Sue is waiting for your call.

“I put all my heart into Wellington Free and support them 100 per cent.”

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