Wellington Free Ambulance KPMG Rescue Squad

WFA maintains its own specially trained Rescue Squad, thanks to sponsorship from KPMG Wellington.

This squad works closely with Police Search and Rescue and is used for any situation where patient recovery requires four wheel driving, rope or winching techniques. The squad responds to anything from off road car crashes, to construction site rescues, boats swept onto rocks and tramping search and rescue missions.

The Rescue Squad trains at least once a month in various extracation, navigation and four-wheel drive scenarios around the region, says Rescue Squad Leader Aaron Hartle.

"We try to train in as many different areas and for as many different situations as possible," says Aaron. "The more prepared we are, the betterwe'll be at our job when we're needed."

On the water, member of the WFA Rescue Squad occasionally provides paramedic crewing to the Police launch, Lady Elizabeth and also joins New Zealand Coast Guard vessels for emergency work at sea.