Rescue Squad

If you are seriously sick or injured in a location that's hard to get to, we are the people who'll come to help.
‹ What we do

Our Rescue Squad paramedics work closely with Police Search and Rescue and Fire Service crews to care for patients where the only access might be by four wheel drive, or by using ropes and winches. We respond to everything from off road crashes, construction site accidents, to hiking trips gone wrong. We also provide patient care aboard the Life Flight rescue helicopter.

“Our job as paramedics doesn't end just because people are in hard to access locations.”

Mark Osborne has been a rescue squad paramedic for 12 years.  He says rescue work is like an extension of the role. The crew's focus is patient care, no matter where.

Rescue Squad is made up of 18 paramedics.  They work as part of the regular Wellington Free Ambulance paramedic team, but are specially trained to help on rescue missions.  Most do this work on top of their regular paramedic work with Wellington Free Ambulance.  

If you are being helped by a rescue squad paramedic you are in very good hands:

  • they are highly experienced paramedics that can administer drugs and advanced life support functions like intravenous treatment.   
  • they are trained and practiced in high angle and low angle line rescue, helicopter winch and four-wheel driving
  • they receive regular refresher training to ensure skills and equipment are maintained
  • they use two specially equipped four-wheel drive vehicles
  • they are brave, committed and caring people.

Thanks to KPMG – a big supporter who keeps our Rescue Squad on the road, free to you when you need them.