Stay well this winter

As the temperate starts to drop we're looking towards winter and how best to keep you safe. 

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To help stay well during the colder months we have a few top tips from Dr Andy Swain. Andy is our Medical Director so we tend to take what he says quite seriously.

  • Get the flu vaccine, it's your best protection from the flu virus. It does not necessarily prevent the flu but it helps to reduce the amount of flu virus in your area and reduces the severity of the symptoms.  It also helps to protect those who are particularly vulnerable to infection.
  • Some people can get it for free too, just speak to your GP or pharmacist
  • Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration which can develop unexpectedly when you are unwell.  
  • Wash and dry your hands regularly and reduce the risk of spreading germs that can cause illness.
  • Stay home and rest if you're unwell, helping to reduce the spreading of illness among colleagues and friends. If you can, try to avoid contact with others who are sick, especially in confined places.
  • Stay warm, try to have at least one room at home that is comfortably warm.

Look after each other this winter, and if you need us give us a call. 

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