Urgent Community Care

Urgent Community Care (UCC) operates in Kapiti and Porirua.
‹ What we do

Urgent Community Care (UCC) is for people who unexpectedly need medical care, but not necessarily a trip to the emergency department.  It triggers when a 111 call is categorised as ‘not serious or life threatening’ using the internationally recognised assessment tool.  

How it works

“In this day and age we need to be responsive to different levels of patient need. One size doesn’t fit all, and many people would prefer to have their problem addressed in their home rather than being taken straight to the emergency department". Dr Andy Swain, Wellington Free Ambulance Clinical Director

A UCC paramedic comes to your home.  They’ll assess your needs and treat you then and there if they can. If they think your situation is more serious and you need to get to a hospital an ambulance is sent in the normal way.

UCC paramedics are specially trained and can administer a broader range of medicines by working with GPs, district nurses, pharmacists and other community based health professionals.  Organising referrals and follow up visits with your regular health provider is also part of the service.

What we know

We’ve been trialing the service in Kapiti for several years.  A recent review tells us that people prefer to be treated in their own home when that’s possible. 

Around 60 percent of people we see through UCC get the right help without having to go to hospital. For those who do, it helps to speed things up because the UCC paramedic completes the initial assessment and will organise for you to go to hospital.

Operating times and place

Urgent Community Care operates in Porirua and the Kapiti Coast.

Operating hours are 7.30am to 7.30pm seven days per week. 

It is an addition to existing emergency ambulance and hospital services.