What happens when you call

How we respond depends on how sick or badly hurt you are.
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Should I call an ambulance?

It you have a medical emergency call 111. Don't worry if it's the right thing to do or not - just call and we'll get help. 

For health advice anytime call Healthline on 0800 611 116

When you call us

The first thing we do is work out where you are and what's happened. 

We'll ask you: 

  • Your street number, street name and suburb
  • The phone number you're calling from
  • What is wrong
  • If the person you are helping is conscious and breathing. 

Depending on how unwell you are, your medical history, and how much support you have from friends and family we can: 

Help you at home

If you have a health worry thats not a medical emergency, we take your number and our on site nurse or paramedic calls you back within half an hour. 

We find out more about your condition, and work out the best sort of help. 

It might be an appointment with your GP, a different sort of health service, or a visit from us. 

Last year we helped 3,500 people this way. 

Treat you at home

If things seem serious we send an ambulance as soon as we can. We'll find out whats wrong and give you the care you need. 

If it is safe we might left you recover at home with follow up care. 

Last year we helped 23,000 people at home. 

Take you to hospital

We will take you to hospital if you need to go in an ambulance. 

Our paramedics know what to do in an emergency, and will get you to the best place of care in the fastest time possible. 

We help 23,500 people this way every year. 


If your situation is life threatening or time-critical, you're our number one priority.