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"His calm manner and his smile made us all feel really comfortable".

On Tuesday night a paramedic, Ben, attended my 2 year old son, he was on his own, a nice man with glasses and a big bushy beard. My son instantly took a liking to him. He had burnt his foot and Ben gave him medicine, calmed him down and made us all feel really safe. I just wanted to say thank you to Ben. His calm manner and his smile made us all feel really comfortable. 

"The service I received from these gentlemen was second to none".

On the 21st of January 2016 I had an accident on a work site in Martinborough Wairarapa. The ambulance was called and I believe it was the Greytown ambulance that came to my aid. I really wish I remember the name of the paramedics dispatched but unfortunately I cannot.

The service I received from these gentlemen was second to none. I had a badly broken ankle and pilon fracture and was in alot of pain. The paramedics were amazing and had me feeling comfortable quickly. On the way to Masterton hospital one of the paramedics chatted away to me and helped take my mind of my injuries.

He was really friendly and kept checking on whether I was comfortable enough . Can you please thank the Greytown guy's. I appreciate it so so much.

"[Dave, Gary and Julie] are true angels of the community".

I'm grateful with the great impact to our family with the service of the three crew of the WFA team who responded to emergency call last Thursday 15 October 2015. I was not just getting an excellent professional service but I got love and care from the team for that critical time I was rushed to Hutt Hospital. Dave, Gary and Julie who responded to my location at Upper Hutt after hours clinic. They are true angels of the community. 

"I am so very grateful for their care and reassurance"

It was a Wednesday afternoon last October and we were getting over the celebrations of our daughters first birthday. She was very tired that day and was acting out of character when suddenly she went stiff in my arms, her mouth went blue and eyes were vacant then she started to shake like crazy me and her dad both thought she was dying in my arms, we were so terrified.

The ambulance team were there within 10 minutes and it was so reassuring they told us she had had a febrile convulsion which was very common in young children, since that day she has had about 15 so the paramedics are pretty familiar with us.

I am so very grateful for their care and reassurance they never make me feel like im wasting there time even if I think im over reacting. Thank you very much Wellington Free Ambulance.

"Your officers made me feel safe and confident that I would be alright in their care"

Early on the morning of 22/02/15 ,whilst on my way to work, I suffered a Pulmonary Embolism which knocked me out causing me to crash to the garage floor face first!

I was attended to by two of your officers. As a professional firefighter for 30 years, I had always been well aware of the fantastic job the WFA do, but I had never fully appreciated it from a patients' point of view.

In their calm, caring and totally professional manner your officers made me feel safe and confident that I would be alright in their care despite my serious injuries. They even checked up on me later in hospital!! I and my family would like to express our deepest thanks to them personally and to WFA for the fantastic service they provide to Wellington.

"I had every confidence that I was receiving the best care possible"

I got picked up from Mount Vic on 28/12/14 after crashing my mountain bike and breaking my collar bone. I just want to say a big thank you to Hailey and Joe who looked after me. They dealt with me quickly and efficiently and really put my mind at ease. They took care of my pain well and I had every confidence that I was receiving the best care possible. Thank you once again. 
Rob Dawson

"I honestly can’t thank you enough, you guys are our guardian angels."

WFA came to rescue me on a scary Saturday night, when my heart decided to go for a spin (later diagnosed as suspected SVT). The ambulance arrived within minutes and both Daniel and Jeremy (the ambulance officers) were not only extremely professional but also very kind and sympathetic - in those scary moments, it really helps a lot. I honestly can’t thank you enough, you guys are our guardian angels. Another important side of the story here is that thanks to Daniel and Jeremy promptly recording an ECG while I was having the SVT, we might have found a potential cause to the issue, as they’ve managed to capture an essential piece of information for the cardiologist. We were already donating to WFA but we’ll make sure to give more to support you doing your job. Thank you.

"You were wonderful"

It was a hot day in Waikanae and I was collecting at New World for an animal welfare organisation, wearing a rather warm cat onesy. Plus I hadn't had anything to drink for around 4 hours. I began to feel dizzy. Fortunately I had a friend who was passing by who managed to steady me, organise a chair for me to sit on and call Wellington Free Ambulance. They arrived (Bob and Richard) in speedy time, checked me over very thoroughly and during this it was found my blood pressure was low (I take pills for high bp), plus dehydrated and very hot. They did a wonderful job, and only when I could convince them that I was 100% was I allowed to return to Otaki. Thank you Bob and Richard. You were wonderful.

"We struck absolute gold with the amazing paramedics we had that afternoon"

Our 5 year old daughter had a dreadful fall and managed to slice the front of her leg wide open whilst playing with her sisters. As her parents it was the worst afternoon we've ever had, seeing something that horrific looking on anybody would be awful but on our own daughter was just heart wrenching.

Thankfully WFA came to our rescue and took total hold of the whole situation, calmed our daughter down, her sisters and us! To our amazement they were able to fix her up here at home and 11 stitches later she was put back together again.

We struck absolute gold with the amazing paramedics we had that afternoon and can't thank them enough. Thank you so very much, keep being amazing xo

"Called WFA and the team came to our rescue"

Our son jumped off the bed last night and hit his head on the dresser table causing blood running down his neck like you would not believe. Us as parents had a bigger scare than him we think ! Called WFA and the team came to our rescue, they were so calm and friendly especially to our 4 year old :-) Thanks again for the great service guys, keep it up!

"I can remember the total relief I felt as soon as I heard those sirens"

Two days after Christmas, my usually healthy husband had a major heart attack at the age of just 37. I can remember the total relief I felt as soon as I heard those sirens, at that moment I knew that help was only minutes away. The care my husband received from Paramedics Tony & Wendy was amazing and its thanks to their quick response and skills that he is here with us today. We will forever be supporters and regular donators to Wellington Free. Thank you!

'They did a wonderful job"

On the 1st of March this year I was involved in a serious accident in Roseneath. I ended up with two ambulance crews attending me. I think they did a wonderful job, not just looking after me but also my husband and daughter who arrived at the scene within minutes of the accident. Two of the female attendants visited me in hospital. I don't recall the timeframe of the visit, just that they did. I would like to say thank you very much to those involved (especially the female attendants). I think you guys do a wonderful job and I will continue to donate to Wellington Free (on a more regular basis now!!!!).
Kind regards, Wendy O'Brien (cyclist vs truck)

"WFA provided awesome help"

I suffered a cardiac arrest whilst cycling in April, and was extremely lucky to have very effective CPR from by passers-by, during which my heart was stopped for over 10 mins. I've no memory of the incident, but the WFA arrived only 10 mins after call; for cardiac arrest, time's critical, survival chances drop massively per minute and defibrillation is essential for survival. Roadside helpers since told me that WFA provided awesome help via the phone and once there, they re-started my heart with a defibrillator, and took me to Welly Hosp.

I was also badly bashed from the cycle fall, as well as a couple of broken ribs, which must have compounded the crew's problems. After a long hard road, I've made a full recovery; I was dead when the WFA arrived and they played a critical part in my survival. I've been given a second chance, beating massive odds with the help of the fantastic WFA. Thank you so much. A bit more on my incident is at:
Thanks Chris

"Thank you very much"

"I was picked up by the Ambulance from Churton Park Medical Centre on Friday 23rd around 5:30pm. I wish I remembered the names of the Medics that took me to the hospital, but memory fails me. The staff were very nice and informed me what they were doing all the time so that I know what to expect. Once taken to the A&E at Wellington, they made sure that I was booked in and comfortable. They made a painful experience better and they were ultimately extremely professional thought out my experience. Wellington free Ambulance for many is the first experience of the health system and they completely reassured you that you are in safe hands so that you relax. Thank you very much, was REALLY appreciated"

"I was lucky enough that Wellington Free Ambulance Event Medics where on hand to help me"

"I am a 26 year old male and I was working at the Wellington food show this year, when I had sudden onset of chest pains, I was lucky enough that Wellington Free Ambulance Event Medics were on hand to help me.
They wasted no time in helping me due to their skill set they requested a higher level paramedic to assess me, they rung for a 2nd ambulance which was there in around 5 - 10 mins they provided the best care they could until the ambulance arrived. They took me to Wellington hospital for a check-up. Thanks to Wellington Free I am back to 100 per cent health they were there in my time of need I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me"

"Keep up the good work"

"We just wanted to say a huge thanks to your team! Our little Joe is 5 and he has already had 3 rides in your ambulance. It's always stressful seeing your child in distress and we just wanted to say thanks, we are so very grateful for the tremendous support your team has given to Joe and us.... Keep up the good work!!".
The Hopkinson Family.