Onesie Day

Save the date!
This year's Onesie Day is on Friday 4 September!

Onesie Day


Why Onesie Day?

We chose Onesie Day as the theme for our annual appeal because it celebrates us being the one and only emergency ambulance service in the Greater Wellington and Wairarapa, and the only ones in the country who are free!

Thank you for being onsie-ful Greater Wellington and Wairarapa!

You showed us the most incredible Onesie Day this year, with so many awesome onesie wearers and events happening right across the region.

Volunteer this Onesie Day

Will you be the one(sie) and help keep us free for everyone who needs us? Save the date - this year's Onesie Day is on Friday 4 September!

Four volunteer collectors smiling at the camera

We are the one and only emergency ambulance service in Greater Wellington and Wairarapa, and the only ones in the country who are free!

Help us celebrate being here for everyone by putting on a collectors bib, grabbing a collection bucket and wearing your best onesie* and volunteering for our annual street appeal on Friday 4 September 2020

Email [email protected]

If you would like to collect in Kapiti or the Wairarapa, please email [email protected] with your name, contact details and the area you can collect in.

*onesie is encouraged but not a requirement.

Onesie Day resources

There’s many ways to raise money for Onesie Day and we thank you for your support. Closer to the day we will have a number of resources available for you to download to help support your fundraising.

What to do with your money!

Thank you for taking part in Onesie Day and fundraising for us!

You can deposit the fundraised money directly into our bank account, using the details below. Please make sure you email us to let us via email [email protected] to let us know it’s coming, or give us a call on 04 498 9604

Our bank account details are:

Bank: Westpac
Account name: Wellington Free Ambulance Service Inc
Account number: 03 0502 0170069 04
Reference: Your name and/or Supporter number

Thanks for being Onesie-ful!

Sign up and take part this year

We are so thankful for your support and can't wait for this year's Onesie Day on Friday 4 September.

If you'd like to help this year, please fill out the below form. Unable to collect but still want to support us? Please visit

Please get in touch if you have any other questions by emailing  [email protected].


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You Rights & More info


Your Rights

As our patient, and under the Health and Disability Commissioner’s Code of Rights, you have the right to:

  • Be treated with respect
  • Be fully informed
  • Freedom from discrimination, coercion, harassment and exploitation
  • dignity and independence
  • Services of an appropriate standard
  • Effective communication
  • Be fully informed
  • Make an informed choice and give informed consent
  • Support
  • Respect of teaching or research
  • Complain

If we don’t respect these, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to put it right.

Support in the process

If you need support or help with making a complaint, you can contact the office of the Health and Disability Commissioner and ask for an advocate.
0800 555 050


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