Emergency Ambulance

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If you dial 111 for an ambulance in Greater Wellington and the Wairarapa, it’s Wellington Free Ambulance that responds to your emergency need.

We have around 150 full time, and 30 volunteer paramedics.

How we respond depends on your health need. Sometimes we can help you over the phone, or treat you at home.  Read more about what happens when you call us.

If we’ve come to you because you need an emergency ambulance you can expect:

  • One ambulance, or sometimes more if things are really serious. 
  • Two paramedics.  Sometimes you’ll get help from a single urgent community care paramedic or a ‘first responder’, until the emergency ambulance crew arrives.
  • Paramedics will ask you questions about your condition and pain, your history, and what’s happened in the lead up to the event.  
  • They’ll look for life threatening worries and work quickly to help you.  That might include giving you oxygen, taking your pulse and blood pressure, or helping with pain relief.  Many of the treatments provided by paramedics are the same as those provided in the Emergency Department by doctors.
  • Depending on your situation, they might treat you at home and make sure you have the right follow up care.
  • If you need an ambulance urgently to the hospital, they’ll radio ahead to say they’re on the way. 
  • You’ll be triaged on arrival – that might mean going to an emergency room or the waiting area. 

It’s our job to:

  • Keep you informed the best that we can.  We’ll talk with you as much as possible as we work through your assessment and treatment options.
  • Take care of your rights – see the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights
  • Complete a patient report form.  This records information about your illness and our treatment.  We give a copy to the people at the hospital, or leave a copy with you if we treat you at home.