Patient Transfer Service

Safe transfers from people who care

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"I've always wanted to be in a role where I get to help people. This job is perfect for me." Chris Hall, Patient Transfer Officer

Chris Hall is one of around 30 people who drive patients between hospital and home as part of our patient transfer service.  He loves his job because he gets to care for people without there being a medical emergency.  

Wellington Free Ambulance Patient Transfer Service is funded through District Health Board contracts.  Patient transfers are organised by your health provider. 

In an average day we:

  • take around 66 people to and from hospital for scheduled treatments like dialysis
  • drive people between rest homes and hospitals. 
  • transport on average 33 patients between hospital units.  Sometimes they arrive by plane and need a quick transfer.  People who are in a critical state usually have clinical teams travelling with them.   
  • Keep our vehicles and station tidy and ready for action.

You can expect:

  • ambulance staff to be clinically trained to ‘first responder’ level – able to administer CPR, take blood pressure, operate stretchers and more. 
  • people who care – we work hard to make you feel comfortable
  • a modern, well equipped ambulance
  • us to work closely with your health provider so we understand your needs and can take good care of you.

Our Patient Transfer Service operates 18 hour days, seven days per week throughout the Greater Wellington and Wairarapa area. 

Please contact us if you want to thank our crew, you weren't happy with our service or if you would like to share a story.   

General Enquiries

For general enquiries the office hours are 8am - 4.30pm. You can contact the Ambulance Liaison Officer on 04 806 0048. After Hours please call the communication centre on 0800 262 665.