Wellington Free Ambulance offers CPR and AED* training to everyone in the Greater Wellington and Wairarapa region.

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Heartbeat is proudly supported by the Lloyd Morrison Foundation.

Learn CPR, save a life

Did you know that each week on average four people suffer a cardiac arrest somewhere in Greater Wellington and Wairarapa?

The chances of someone surviving cardiac arrest go up hugely when bystanders get straight into administering CPR, and keep on doing it until help arrives. 

Sudden Cardiac Arrest can happen to anyone at any time. In our region:

  • 72% of cardiac arrests occur in the home, and 26% in a public space.
  • 72% are male, and 28% female.
  • The average age for men is 63, and 67 for women.
  • Cardiac arrest in children is rare, but it does happen.

We can teach your team or students CPR. Maybe that training will save the life of a friend, a colleague, or a stranger on the street. You never know when you'll need it, so it's best to be prepared.

Restart a Heart Day 2018 is Tuesday 16 October. For more information about whats going on in your area visit our Restart a Heart Day page

To learn more about the programme or to make a booking send an email to heartbeat@wfa.org.nz or fill out our online booking form.

Training is provided free of charge however as a free emergency ambulance provider a koha is always appreciated. 

Know the signs

Someone is in cardiac arrest if they are not responsive to a shout or a shake, and they are not breathing or moving.

Know what to do:
D – check the area for dangers
R – check for a response
S – send for help (111)
A – tilt their head to open the airway
B – check for breathing
C – start CPR chest compressions
D – use a defibrillator is there is one available.

GoodSAM Responders

The GoodSAM Responder app alerts CPR trained members of the public to incidents of cardiac arrest close by, allowing them to respond and provide medical support before emergecy services arrive. 

By alerting responders to an emergency, GoodSAM connects those in need with those who have the skills to provide critical help and save a life. 

To find out more about GoodSAM visit the GoodSAM webpage

Know where defibrillators are in your community

Defibrillators are completely automated, portable, and deliver a lifesaving electric current.

They can increase someones' chance of survival by up to 80% if applied immediately. 

There are lots around our region, but our communities need more. Ask us about buying a defibrillator for your school, workplace or community.

See defibrillator locations at aedlocations.co.nz.

Completed a Heartbeat workshop?

We'd love to hear your feedback following a Heartbeat workshop so we can continue to improve our training and the service we offer to our community. Please click here to complete our short survey. 

For those who live outside the Wellington Free Ambulance zone, first aid and CPR courses are offered by a number of agencies throughout New Zealand. We recommend St John New Zealand or New Zealand Red Cross

*An AED is an Automated External Defibrillator, also known as an 'defib'.