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By helping us, you're helping hundreds of people every day in lots of ways. Thank you for helping to keep our service free to everyone who needs us.


By helping us, you're helping hundreds of people every day in lots of ways. Thank you for helping to keep our service free to everyone who needs us.

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Leave a gift in your Will


Help save and change lives for generations to come.

Remember Wellington Free Ambulance with a gift in your Will 

 If you are considering leaving Wellington Free Ambulance a gift in your Will – thank you!

A gift left to Wellington Free is a really special way to leave your own personal legacy. You will help ensure that we can deliver on our commitment: to be there for the people of Greater Wellington and Wairarapa when they need us the most.

Gifts of all sizes, have a profound impact. Through your heartfelt gift you will be making sure that your friends, family, and neighbours for generations to come will continue to have a free ambulance service.

Together, we can keep saving and changing lives free of charge now and into the future.


" For me it's important to pay it forward.  I want to support the amazing, selfless and caring paramedics who look after us with respect and care when we feel most vulnerable"  Steph - Bequest Donor 

Over the years, Steph has needed Wellington Free Ambulance a few times; to save a family member who was having a heart attack, to save her little girl who swallowed a coin and most recently when Steph experienced a sudden severe gallstone attack.

“It takes a really special person to be a paramedic and I will always be grateful that they were there to care for me at my weakest moment.  For me it's important to pay it forward. I know my donation will help save lives and provide care for someone else's child, parent or grandparent.  It might only be small, but it's given with enormous gratitude."

Your gift matters to us

Each year we must fundraise around $7million from the community to bridge the gap between funding from Government and the cost of keeping services free of charge to anyone in need.

This is no easy task and we are humbled by the generosity and commitment of people like you, who share the belief in keeping the free in Wellington Free Ambulance.

The vital funds we receive from gifts in Wills help Wellington Free Ambulance buy life saving equipment for our ambulances and rescue vehicles, train our people to the highest standards, all ensuring we are able to respond when people need us.

You will also support the future regional development of our stations and the introduction of new technology that continually improves our patient care, and ultimately saves and changes lives.


How to leave a gift in your Will

We recommend that you first discuss your plans with your loved ones.

If you decide to help us with our lifesaving work and leave Wellington Free Ambulance a gift in your Will, then the next step is to visit your solicitor or a trustee company to ensure your wishes are properly recorded.

They can help you choose the gift that best reflects your wishes – there are three main types to consider:

Residuary gift

You may choose to leave whatever is left or a percentage, after all your expenses and debts have been paid and your loved ones have been provided for. This is the best way to keep your gift to Wellington Free Ambulance inflation-proof. It also means you don’t need to put a precise value to your gift.

Pecuniary gift

This is where you gift a specified sum of money is gifted to Wellington Free Ambulance in your Will.

Specific gift

Here you choose to give a particular item of value (stocks and shares or property for example) to Wellington Free Ambulance in your Will. 

Suggested wording for your gift

To make sure the wording in your Will accurately describes your intentions, we suggest including the following clause:

 I give the sum of $_____ (or)_____% of my estate, (or) residue of my estate, (or) property or assets as follows to Wellington Free Ambulance Service Incorporated (registered Charity Number CC31374) for its general purposes.  I declare that the official receipt of a fully authorised officer of Wellington Free Ambulance shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executors.

 Your gift left to the general running of our services will provide Wellington Free Ambulance with the flexibility needed to respond to critical priorities in the future.

 If you would like your gift to go towards something specific, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your wishes with you directly.  

Wording  for solicitors and lawyers

Wellington Free Ambulance Service Incorporated is registered with the Charities Commission, registration number CC31374

 Postal Address: Wellington Free Ambulance - Bequests, PO Box 604 Wellington 6140

 Email:[email protected]


Request a Gift in Will Guide

Please let us know so we can thank you!

Whether you’re making your first Will or updating an existing one, we are so grateful for your interest in remembering and supporting Wellington Free Ambulance beyond your lifetime. Whatever you decide, thank you for considering giving in your Will.

If you plan to leave a gift to Wellington Free Ambulance, we would love to hear from you. Not only would we like the opportunity to thank you personally, but we would also like to invite you to join our Legacy Circle – a group of like-minded supporters who have chosen to remember Wellington Free Ambulance in their Will.

Please email Amber to let us know of your gift. 

Contact the Gift in Will Manager - Amber 

Please get in touch if you have questions about leaving a gift in your Will and would like to chat. Rest assured that you are under no obligation and your intentions can change at anytime.

Phone: 04 498 9604
Mobile: 021 718 639
Email: [email protected]


"I look after Wellington Free Ambulance, because they look after me!"

Audrey’s 97 years have been filled with amazing adventures. She has some fantastic tales to tell, but woven throughout her story is one simple theme: helping others.

These days Audrey has needed the help of Wellington Free paramedics a number of times, following terrible pains in her chest, when she had pneumonia and when she had a fall resulting in a broken wrist.

“It’s a wonderful service – it’s free, if you need it it’s there, and you don’t need to worry. I am proud to have Wellington Free in my Will. I am a firm supporter, and that will never change.”



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You Rights & More info


Your Rights

As our patient, and under the Health and Disability Commissioner’s Code of Rights, you have the right to:

  • Be treated with respect
  • Be fully informed
  • Freedom from discrimination, coercion, harassment and exploitation
  • dignity and independence
  • Services of an appropriate standard
  • Effective communication
  • Be fully informed
  • Make an informed choice and give informed consent
  • Support
  • Respect of teaching or research
  • Complain

If we don’t respect these, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to put it right.

Support in the process

If you need support or help with making a complaint, you can contact the office of the Health and Disability Commissioner and ask for an advocate.
0800 555 050


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